YouTube Joomla Templates and Extensions

You can easily transform your Joomla CMS site into a video sharing repository as well.  There are extensions that you can install to create a YouTube site or Gallery.  You can follow the link here to learn how to install Joomla or here to install Joomla Extensions.  Below are some extensions available:

1.  YouTube Gallery

The YoutubeGallery extension for Joomla is a simple way to add your videos to any Joomla website, and supports videos from Youtube, Vimeo, and many other video hosting sites. The software is responsive, user friendly and can really enhance the SEF of your site when people search for related topics and videos, whether on Youtube or search engines in general.  It's great because the Joomla extension is free with tons of features and you have the option of purchasing the YouTube Gallery pro.  The extension is compatible with Joomla 1.5 to the latest versions of Joomla.

Click here to learn how to create your own YouTube website.