4.  Find a Wordpress Youtube theme

Wordpress Themes are pretty neat because you will notice that when you finish installing your Wordpress website, it will look like a plain blog.  Wordpress Themes are like wallpaper, once you put it on, or install it, your site will look totally different.  They automatically change the look and feel of your site.  So finding a good Wordpress theme is difficult because there are many to chose from, but I've done some research and below are few themes that will help you create an amazing and elegant Youtube website.

Recommended Theme:
  • VideoCraft by InkThemes - Click here for a demo
Other Themes:
  • Subscribely by InkThemes - Click here for a demo
  • deTube - Click here for a demo
  • VideoTube - Click here for a demo
  • BeeTube - Click here for a demo

After you purchase VideoCraft or any of the Video sharing Wordpress Themes, download the theme to your computer.  Remember the location you saved the file.  Do not unzip the file because you will need it in ZIPPED format.  You can upload the file as a ZIP file.