Free Sites Like YouTube

Youtube is the most popular video sharing website.  If you take a video and want to share with the world, most likely Youtube will be the first place you think of.  With the growing popularity, there are more restrictions placed on users uploading videos to YouTube such as not allowed to upload TV shows, music concerts, advertisements without permissions and any TV shows.  There are also restrictions on geographical location such as some users might not be able to watch because the visitor is in Canada or states.   There are also limits on video length, account suspensions and more.  Fortunately, there are other free sites like Youtube where you can upload your videos.  

Below is a list of sites where you can upload your videos for free:

1.  Vimeo

Allows you to upload your videos for free or you can purchase plus or PRO accounts to allow yourself more uploads per week and per year.  The 3 different types of Vimeo accounts provides and allows different storage space, playback quality, sharing abilities, support and prices.  

2.  Vevo

Vevo is world leading in uploads and views of premium music and entertainment videos. Viewers can watch on-demand through the site, through their mobile devices or from Vevo TV.   One downside to Vevo is that some videos are blocked based on geographic location.

3.  Metacafe

You can find short films in video games, sports, music, and TV.  This site has over 40 million unique viewers a month and can upload your videos for free.  A bonus is that you can actually make money with your videos on Metacafe.  They pay you $5 for every 1000 page views.  So the more interesting you make your video, the more money you make.

4.  Flickr

There are as much restrictions on Flickr as there is on YouTube.  But if you really want to upload videos to Flickr, you can find a free and a paid one.  With the free account you can only upload 2 videos/month with 90 seconds max and 150mb each.  A paid account allows unlimited upload of videos but with the same size restrictions.

5.  Break

Watch funny videos online or upload your own.  Break allows you to upload your funny clips directly from your phone or through email.  It accepts all major video formats such as AVI, WMV, MPG, and MOV.

6.  Veoh

On Veoh you can watch TV shows for free.  They partnered up with different companies so you can watch popular shows such as Big Bang Theory, Friends, According to Jim, and CSI.  You can find videos in all different languages and they have a variety of videos including submitted content, anime, home videos, funny clips, exercise videos and more.

7.  Dailymotion

Has over 120 million monthly visitors and generates over 2.5 billion video views every month.  Dailymotion is available all around the world and is in 18 different languages and 35 localized versions.  

8.  Hulu

This is the first website to legally offer free TV shows because it was founded by FOX NBC.  Some TV shows it offers include the Simpsons, Family Guy, Bones, Buffy the Vampire, the Office and others.  In addition to TV shows, there is a wide selection of movies to watch online.  The downside is that most of the videos are available to US residents only.

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