How To Create Your Own Video

With the advent of taking selfies and selfeos (self videos), creating videos and slideshows are the best way to showcase your best moments.  Creating and editing slideshows and videos are no longer the task of the pros, you can easily download a software and start creating hollywood style videos of your pictures and home movies.  In fact, I used video editing software as well to create a video/movie for my brothers wedding showcasing their childhood pictures, engagement photos, fun times with friends and family. People were so impressed with the video and that many people asked me how did I make it.  There are lots of video editing software to help you make your own video.  Most video softwares also have a feature to upload automatically to Youtube, Vimeo or save in different video formats such as .AVI, .MOV, .MPG, HD and more.   With a video editor, you can create photography videos, wedding videos, educational videos and personal videos.   These video editing software makes you look like a video editing professional.

Below are softwares that will help you create your video:

1.  Animoto
Animoto - Video Editing Software
With Animoto, you can upload photos and videos to create amazing videos.   You can create videos online, on your smartphone or tablet device.  Post and share your videos wherever you want because the videos are hosted in the cloud.  Spice up your videos as well with a vast music library available for you to use.  You can easily drag and drop features from the library to your video.  There is a free version which allows you to free videos online.  The only drawback is that you won't be able to download and the video length is max at 30 seconds.  If you purchase the PLUS package which is only $5/month, then you get more options with download features and 10 minute video length.   Click here to learn more about Animoto video editing software.

2.  Photodex ProShow
Prosho Gold - Video Editing Software

Photodex is great, the ProShow Gold version comes with tons of features.  It takes some time to learn how to use it but once you figure out the basics of adding and editing a photo in the time line, you will get the hang of it.  You can control every aspect of the slideshow, including fade time, fade action, slide duration, fade in fade out actions, music, add videos, add photos, etc and more. If you purchase the Gold version, you can download the video into different formats and upload to Youtube or anywhere automatically.  The only drawback when I was using it is that there is no compatible software for MAC, it's only available for PC.  They do have a free web version but not as many customizations and many limitations such as you cannot download the movie and only upload to an online video streaming site.

3.  iMovie
iMovie - Video Editing Software
You can create your own videos with an iPhone or iPad or any smartphone or tablet device.  When you want to do something with your photos, iMovie is easy and fun to use.  iMovie has a drag and drop feature and a full movie template ready to transform your movies into a a trailer in almost every genre.  You can make your photos into an adventure, documentary, romantic comedy, superhero video and also include your own sound track.  This is the easiest way to create your video.  The best part is if you own a mac, you already have iMovie installed on your computer.  You can make your movies for free.  Where is iMovie on your Mac? If you click on the Launchpad (rocketship icon), then click on the iMovie (Rockstar icon) it will launch the iMovie application to create your own movies.  

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