Cost of Making a Video Site

There are many options available when you want to make your own Youtube website.  You can either spend a lot of money and get your site custom developed by contractors or make it yourself.   If you think making a site yourself is impossible you are wrong.  You can make any site you want with no programming knowledge with Wordpress.  I am one of those people who have a hard time creating anything from scratch and plus it takes too long to develop a site from scratch.  With Wordpress and all themes available, you can make a site in a day or less.  

As mentioned earlier, here, all you need is to purchase a domain name/webhosting, and download a theme.  If you choose the recommended options, below are the costs you will incur for 1 year.


Blue host gives you a free domain name, but you can purchase the domain name separately.  Here is an approximate cost of operation the first year you have your site.

 Action Recommended  Cost $
 Install WordPress Wordpress 0
Register a domain name Godaddy  + 10
Purchase Web hosting Blue Host (6.99 x 12)  + 83.88
     Bluehost Freebies Blue Host  - 200
VideoCraft Theme Ink Themes  + 97

Total Cost =   - $9.12

That basically means you don't pay anything for the first year you have your site.  You can test the waters to see if your site is profitable.  If your site is making money then you can continue to renew your web hosting and domain name.  The web hosting can be extended monthly and the domain name is extended yearly.


If you want to take advantage of the free domain name you get when you purchase a Blue host web hosting, below is an approximate cost of operation for the first year of your site.

 ActionRecommended Cost $
 Install Wordpress Wordpress 0
Register a domain nameFree from Blue Host 0
Purchase Web hostingBlue Host (6.99 x 12) + 83.88
     Bluehost FreebiesBlue Host - 200
VideoCraft ThemeInk Themes + 97

Total Cost =  - $19.12

If you take advantage of the free domain name with purchase from Blue Host, you don't have to worry about renewing the domain name yearly.  Come to think of it, you save more money when getting a free domain name when you purchase a web hosting.  
The key to creating your own YouTube site is finding the perfect Video sharing theme for your purpose.  There is a theme for everything including creating a site just for you to upload your own videos, allowing the community to upload their videos as well, or creating a membership plan to accept payment for uploading videos to certain categories.  There are tons of banner space in the themes for your place banners and advertisements for you to make money from your site.  Once your site gets more traffic and hits, you will see more money coming in.
The freebies from Bluehost will also allow you to advertise your video site on different search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook.  You can create ads that show up on searches for free youtube-like sites for people to upload their videos.  People like to show off and want to be famous online and the more sites they can upload their videos, they will love it.
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