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YouTube is a household name and synonymous with watching videos online.  When you want to see the latest video of news, music, dance or just what's the latest crazy thing happening in the world, you head to Youtube.  Youtube I think is the greatest invention.  You can upload videos for free, we can watch for free and link to any video for free.  So how do you create a site like Youtube?  Creating a site like Youtube is easy with Wordpress.  Using Wordpress is the easiest thing in the world.  If you are like me, who knows nothing about programming a video repository site, then Wordpress is for you.  
Use Wordpress because all you have to do is install it, find the perfect video sharing theme, upload it and activate it.  VOILA, you have your Youtube website.  What is a Wordpress Theme and what does it do?  Well when you install Wordpress, and preview it, it will look like a plain jane blog website.  A YouTube theme is like a wallpaper you put on top of your site and it will immediately transform your blog site into a YouTube-like website.  There are many Youtube themes and video sharing themes for you to chose from and you have to do is find the one that fits your needs.  There are video sharing templates and themes that allow just you to upload videos or there are others that involve the community and allow others to create a profile, and upload their own videos as well.
You don't need a contractor to help you create a site like YouTube and it won't cost a lot of money either.  Wordpress is free and video sharing themes cost between $40-$80 and you can have your YouTube site up in a day.  First, you have to set the ground work to create your video sharing site.  
Steps to Create a Site like YouTube:
  1. Purchase a Domain Name
  2. Purchase a Webhosting
  3. Install Wordpress
  4. Find a YouTube Wordpress Theme
  5. Install and Activate the Theme
I do recommend the Videocraft theme I put above, but if you want to look for your own Youtube theme, here are some features to look for the ability to:
  • Allow users to upload videos for free
  • Upload videos
  • Users upload videos themselves
  • Users manage their videos
  • Display related videos
  • Display newest videos
  • Display popular videos
  • Allow users to rate videos
  • Allow users to leave comments for videos
  • Unlimited video categories
  • Easy for admins to manage the video sharing site
  • Responsive to different viewing platforms
  • Social networking integrated
  • Support all major video formats i.e. MP4, MV4, F4V
  • Support all major audio formats i.e. MP3, AAC etc
  • Embed videos from Youtube, Vimeo, etc
  • Ad module 
While Videocraft has all these features listed above, you can search for other Youtube themes as well.
The possibilities are endless when you want to create a video sharing site.  You can create your own niche site or be like Youtube and allow any types of videos to be uploaded.  You can create a video site for your own personal club site, sport videos, home videos, music videos, dance videos, crazy videos and more.   I think it will be fun to just keep your site open to the endless possibilities and leave it up to people imagination to upload videos to your site. 

Click here to start on the first step - 1.  Purchase a Domain Name.